Bias in Tenant Selection in Lagos Private Rental Housing Market, Nigeria


  • Joseph Oyewale Oyedeji Department of Estate Management, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria



Bias, tenant selection, private housing, rental housing market, Lagos


Bias in tenant selection is a global phenomenon. This necessitates the need to examine bias in tenant selection in the study area being a prime property market. This study aimed at examining the requirements for tenant selection and the nature of tenant selection bias in the study area. Data were gathered through structured questionnaires administered to 162 Estate Surveyors and Valuers out of which 137 questionnaires were retrieved. Data gathered were analyzed using frequency distribution table, weighted mean and ranking. Findings from the study revealed that all the identified tenant selection requirements are important and income status is the most important tenant selection requirement in the study area. Also, bias base on ethnicity is the most prevalent form of bias in tenant selection with a mean of 4.299. The major cause of tenant selection bias is as a result of previous bad experiences from old tenants with a mean of 4.058. The major consequence of tenant selection bias is increase in the void period with a mean of 4.190. It is imperative for government to legislate and make enforcement against all forms of tenant selection bias as it is inimical to housing accessibility. Also, it is important to orientate residential property owners against the negative consequences of bias in tenant selection.




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Oyedeji, J. O. (2022). Bias in Tenant Selection in Lagos Private Rental Housing Market, Nigeria. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 16(2), 68–74.